Top Global Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia Ready to Oversea Export

Charcoal briquette Indonesia – Based on research, this coconut shell briquette has many advantages over briquettes made from charcoal or other fuels. Check out the description below.

Renewable energy. So renewable energy is energy that we store and extract from natural resources. This raw material is the result of sustainable natural processes, so it is not infinite because it is always produced by nature. This charcoal briquette from coconut shell belongs to the biomass category. Biomass is a type of renewable energy that refers to biological material derived from living organisms. Some examples of biomass sources are firewood, coconut, waste, and alcohol.

Maximum heat output. Unlike charcoal briquettes, the heating effect of this coconut charcoal briquette has been shown to be relatively high up to 7000 calories. Thus, high-calorie fuel makes our cooking process faster and more perfect.

Indonesia’s export potential for charcoal briquettes

Charcoal briquettes originating in Indonesia are considered by many countries to be the best products in the world. In addition to Turkey, these coal briquettes have received many orders for shipment to Bosnia, Albania, Russia, France, and the United States.

Suppliers to the Indonesian market are in high demand, with several entrepreneurs producing charcoal briquettes. Many people use charcoal briquettes as a substitute for coconut shells because they have a long life and an affordable price, so it is more profitable to use these charcoal briquettes for Indonesian food entrepreneurs.

In 2021, we expect this briquette to be a potential long-term export market. And we hope that the government will review this coal briquette business so that it can start cooperation with many countries in the world.

Coconut is a very useful plant

We have often seen that there are different types of processed coconut products ranging from food and drink to beauty, health, crafts, and industrial raw materials. It can be said that this coconut is best used for plants and fruits.

That’s all, wood serves as a building material and leaves as handicrafts. Coconut water can be used as a source of refreshing and healthy beverages, coconut meat can be consumed and processed into a variety of foods and cooking oil.

Coconut fibers can be processed into various products such as mats and end up being used to make car seats and coconut shells which can be used to make charcoal briquettes. Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia is an export product of briquette products for coconut processing.

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